– Upon arrival, dancers are asked to wait in their cars. Once the instructor has completed a wipe-down of common-area surfaces, they will prop open the front door to signal dancers to enter.

– We have 6’ zones marked on the floor, and each dancer will have a zone to themselves. Once they enter, dancers should go directly to their spot to change shoes, etc.

– Dancers should have a full water bottle. We want to avoid having them leave their zones for anything other than using the bathroom.

– We request that dancers bring a sweat towel, to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. We’ll also provide a disinfecting wipe at the end of class, and request that each dancer wipe down the area where they sat.

– At the end of class, dancers should be picked up at the back door of the studio.

– Parents will not be allowed in the studio.

– Instructors will wear masks. Dancers are encouraged to also wear masks, but may pull them down when they’re dancing to allow for easier breathing.

– Common-area surfaces will be wiped down before each class and at the end of the day.