Join us November 3-4 for the Colorado State Championships and Fall Feis!

We are proud to host the 2018 WUSR Minor Belt*, with a $500 scholarship to be awarded to the winner.

Our Grade Examinations on Sunday will be conducted by an SDCRG, and will go up to grade 12.

Saturday, Nov. 3:
• Open teams, including Figure and Drama
• Prelim and Open Championships
• Pre-Oireachtas champ-style special and Traditional Set Trophy Special for non-Champs.
• Western US Region Minor Belt.

• First Feis through Prizewinner solos.
• Prelim/Open Blackout champ-style special on Sunday.
• Grade Examinations, 1 though 12.

*The WUSR Minor Belt is confined to Open Championship dancers ages 12 and younger (as of Jan. 1, 2018) who reside within the Western U.S. Region.

Registration to open shortly via